Restaurant Review “Pancham Pooriwala”  

It was a rainy Sunday in Mumbai, I wanted to check out few food streets and markets. But the rain played foul to my plans. I was staying near to CST and it was about lunch time. The rains didn’t stop and I had to cancel my Plans. Another roommate, who I met in Mumbai had to repair her mobile phone. On asking few people, they suggested us to go to the Bora Bazaar street near to CST.

8 Rainy Mumbai

9 Bora Bazaar Street

We got the mobile repaired in some 20 minutes and asked the guy to suggest us some good restaurant. He said go to “Pancham”, its good. I wanted to have some non veg and I told my friend to have her lunch at the Pancham restaurant and then to accompany me at a non veg restaurant.

Address: 8/10, Perin Nariman Street, Borabazar Precinct, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

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  1. Very nice post, and the look of the puri can say , they have a balance of softness and crispiness.
    I live in Karachi, poori is mostly eaten with sooji halwa and channa in breakfast. I have visited Mumbai once and enjoyed food at Koyla restaurant.
    Your photograph are also good. And rain… it rain so less often in Karachi, sometimes whole year passes without rain. We really don’t mind a few plans being spoilt by it. LOLz


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