About thoughts and Freedom : Who is a Free Thinker?


I remember while at school when teachers used to ask everyone, “What you want to become when you grow up?”, I used to get confused and end up answering something new every time I was asked that. A doctor, a teacher, a Lawyer, a journalist; I never bothered to become one of that. Now, years later, I don’t regret much missing out on becoming anyone of those.

I was always a confused child. But one thing I always wanted to be was, an independent person. A lot of credit goes to my Mom who always engraved these thoughts into my head. So, if I need to explain a little here: My parents had a love marriage, without getting consent from dad’s family and my Mom was just 16 when she got married. Apart from the slaps and beatings that I got from her, the only thing I remember is that…

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