Let’s listen to Colgate Magical Stories

Once upon a time…………………….

If you are a parent you are pretty used to this. Kid’s love listening to stories and often ask the parents to tell some new story. Its time now to listen to the kid’s story now.

When was the last time your child told you a story? It’s time to unlock their imagination.

The kids really love to listen to stories and are always interested in learning more about anything about pirate ships, treasure hunts, animals etc. The young age they are into is the best time to learn and such activities help them sharpen their brain.

Apart from physical strength that Parents focus on, mental strength is equally important, but developing this part is not as easy as the first one. We should see that the kids really spend time with games that brushes their mental ability, keeping in mind they enjoy them as well. Animal characters, puzzles, colors is what most of the kids enjoy. Why not give them something that they enjoy, get engrossed in that would also push their imagination and mental abilities?

These days when mobile games are everyone’s favorite past time and phones are so easily accessible, many of the kids are seen playing them for hours which is not good for health. These are better ways to keep them  away from the mobile phones. Good time for parents as well as they get to listen to the some new stories from their kid. Another important thing being these  activities are very beneficial for young children as they provide mental learning abilities and opportunities. Skills like problem solving, cognitive, self esteem and emotional skills are nurtured when kids take part in such activities.

Colgate is giving the parents a wonderful opportunity to engage their kids with something interesting that the kids will enjoy.

The new Colgate Strong Teeth packs come with interesting sea creatures & some trivia inside them. There are 4 different packs. Kids can cut, play & learn. What’s more? They could do the story telling this time by weaving their imagination together. The four interesting themes namely, Treasure Hunt, Pirate Ship, Coral Reefs and a Magical Mermaid with more than 15 sea world characters. It is good to see them play with the packs, be able to put them together and come back to the parents with fun filled imagination of theirs.


I received all the four packs from Colgate which I gave to a couple of my Parent Colleagues, both of their kids are aged between 5-7 years. They came back to me telling how much their kids enjoyed cutting and creating the stories out of those packs. Not only the kids imaginations is at peak while playing with those packs, but they will also came to know about some interesting facts.

Sounds interesting!  Have you grabbed the four interesting packs yet ? If not collect all four and see how your kids are able to tell you some amazing stories. Play with them, see them learn something new and most importantly enjoy with them. At the end of the day, such happy moments you spend with your kids really matters.


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