Exlporing the Rander Ramzan Bazaar of Surat


Ramzan (Ramadaan) is hugely awaited by the Food Lovers of India, to be specific, Non-veg Lovers. I did  hear a lot about the Rander Ramzan Bazaar, known to be the Mohammed Ali Road of Surat ( alike Mumbai). While I got a change to visit Surat during one of the weekends, this May, I locked this place as one of the must to see places here.

We reached the market around 8:00 pm, post Iftar when the stalls were being set up. I at first reached a sweet food stall and hoped not to go back without food. By the way I turned vegetarian two years back and was visiting the bazaar with two of my  Gujarati vegetarians photography passionate friends.

Place : Rander Ramzan Bazaar, Rander Police Line, Khidmat Nagar, Rander, Surat, Gujarat

Offers : Rangooni Paratha, Seekh kabas, chicken tandoori, foil chicken, boti kabaabs etc.

Who should go : Food lovers ( esp. Non Veg)…

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