10 things to remember for first time Himalayan trekkers


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Himalayas will call you if you are an adventurous soul. No matter how many times you are in the Himalayas, the first time remains the most indelible one. The snow capped mountains, the huge and long erect pine trees, the unpredictable and evolving weather, the running streams of water, the sound of the birds. Probably one of the the best way to connect to the nature is taking a trip to the Himalayas, if you have been you will agree. If you have not, but thinking, then there is going to be a first time pretty soon.


The Himalayan treks are usually atleast for a week or more. So be prepared for the physical struggle on your part if you are not a regular trekker. I have heard many people talking to start running or walking few weeks  before the treks to be able to survive the treks, but actually there is…

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