Practical Ways I’ve Learnt to Stay Safe While Travelling Alone.


An amazing post by the amazing Blogger- The Shooting Star..Must read if you travel Solo or want to in future

The Shooting Star

At an altitude of 3,300 meters, while hiking along the crater of Cuicocha Lake in Imbabura (Ecuador), I came to a sudden stop. The realization that I was hiking by myself in this remote terrain, with not another person around for miles – and not a care in the world – had just dawned on me.

The thing about traveling alone is, you can’t truly open yourself up to adventures if you’re constantly worried about your safety. And without a fellow traveller to rely on, you have to work a tad bit harder to curb that nagging worry in your head.

Based on sticky situations, stupid mistakes and plenty of WTF moments on my solo travels in the past 4 years, these are my practical tips for staying safe on the road:

Get a local SIM card with data

Bahrain travel, solo travellers india, women traveling solo, solo travel tips Navigating my way through Bahrain. Photo by Prathamesh KriSang.

I usually pick up a local SIM card to get internet access if…

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