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Hello Folks,

Please check out my new Blog  Kitli-Culture

Kitli-Culture is an escapade from the daily. It’s about travel tales, stories about food, life, people, adventure and culture.

In our daily life during work, we spent 15-20 minutes to take a tea (Chai) breaks at the tea-stalls (more popularly known as Kitli in hindi) near to our offices where we recharge ourselves. Inspiring from what the Kitli does to our daily life, I named this Blog as Kitli-Culture. I always hear people talking wish I did that, I wish I could do that. I wonder what stops them. Life is too short to sit and watch other people enjoy.

My Goal is to build a life I don’t need to escape from!

– Rob Hill Sr.

Why not create our own life that feels good from inside??

Why not have some Chai ?

Tell me how you like it!!



13 Comments Add yours

  1. asthaguptaa says:

    Loving this blog of yours and will check out the new one too!

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      1. asthaguptaa says:

        🙂 Do drop by mine!

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  2. Looking forward to your insights. Hope you enjoy your blogging experience!

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  3. Congratulations, ………………………..

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  4. arv! says:

    Great! Happy blogging with your new blog!

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    1. Polomi says:

      Thanks a lot!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. arv! says:

        followed you there. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Polomi says:

        Big thanks!!

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