“A Sari needs no curves”

I am born as a girl, and thanks to the amazing people who have taught me that how important body/color is to your life that to some extent I or anybody else have no control on.

Wondering why I am talking this ? I have this amazing genes which I have inherited I think from my dad’s family, that keeps me perfectly lean. No changes with what, how much I eat, workout or any lifestyle I follow, I am the same, which I consider as neither a blessing nor a disadvantage.

All the years I grew up learning If I have to be perfect, I have to gain a little weight, or If I have to impress a guy I need to have a great body. See what they have to say –

  • Polomi!! You are so thin, you eat air???   Yes darling, I eat and drink air, so nice na ?? 
  • Polomi!! Do you eat at all ? Ah no sweetheart, I don’t eat and I can survive and work 5 days a week without food. You might want to invite the American Health Association to come and research on me, Please.
  • Polomi..You have to get married, Please gain some weight. Okay, but don’t you think, its good to be like this, now that I eat air and no food, my would be husband may save so much money, just think.
  • Its a windy day..you should not go out, you will fly ! Oh  vow really, didn’t I ever tell you I so much want to fly. But I don’t have wings!!

To Everyone :- Thank you for all your concerns, I am highly obliged. My Parents who are the nearest and dearest to me, have been doing too busy to worry about my being slim. They want me to be fit and fine, not because they can marry me off to a guy who needs a woman with a curvaceous body, but to be healthy and happy. Every time I hear someone talking about color and body I only question if they ever had the basic normal 10 + 2 + 3 years of education. I wonder what good the education system is doing. Or is it the upbringing that makes a person perceive others based on their body and color.

Few days back when Kate Middleton and Prince Charles were on their visit to India, A lot was talked and written about Kate’s Fashion sense.When Shobhaa De in her article said “A Sari needs curves : Kate has none”, it was definitely going to  make the readers get back with their thoughts. Thanks to Social Media where we can express our thoughts quickly and gets widely populated. So even when Some one like Shobhaa De bodyshames Kate, there is no escape.

Below is one of the perfect responses by an Indian girl. What do you think?

Let me tell you, when an 80-year old Indian woman, be it your aging mother, mother-in-law, or your own grandmother : greets you with a smile so radiant, bedecked in a saree loosely draped over her frail body : her once supple youth having fallen victim to Time :
A Sari needs no curves.

Let me tell you, when your daughter of ten, excitedly dons on a sari, with a being glowing soft with a loveliness so childlike on Saraswati Puja :
A Sari needs no curves.

Let me tell you, when an anorexic Indian girl, dresses up all pretty in a pink sari to bring in a new tomorrow, lighting up her father’s face to remove his tears of distress :
A Sari needs no curves.

But, I being an amateur, find it rather hilarious to tell you what a writer needs.

And, a heart.

Ms De, seems like, you my “curvaceous” woman, have none.

Such a Shame.


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  1. theamateurbloggersite says:

    Loved the post..

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  2. Jackie Jain says:

    Wow what a beautiful and fitting response. Very true. . 🙂 Loved it.

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  3. Very well said and a befitting response.

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    1. Polomi says:

      There could not have been a better response!!

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  4. Archya says:

    😁 too good

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  5. Brilliant response!

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  6. Wonderful. It’s wonderful! 😊 ugh, I loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Polomi says:

      M too! 😉

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