: An Indiblogger launch for Businesses to launch new products

logo, recently launched by Indiblogger, the Indian Blogger Community, is a venture for businesses to reach the target audiences by publishing any written or recorded communication  for the purpose of announcing something important.

Just like Television and Print Media, these days Social Media is a robust way of  reaching the masses. Whether it is a  product/service launch by new Start ups/ventures, press releases remains one of the effective way of getting more customers, or at least reaching out to the patrons.

WHAT IS INDIPR.COM? IndiPR is an automated system designed to provide a quick and effective solution to your content marketing needs. In this version, Indiblogger have answered one simple question – “I have a press release for my product/company/solution. How do I get someone with influence to publish it online?”

The solution is simple – all you need to do is:

  1. Select your budget
  2. Pay Online
  3. Upload your Press Release
  4. View the published articles on your dashboard after only 72 hours of posting your project

Any questions ?? 


The painful need of evaluating each influencer based on categories and dubious web statistics is now redundant.

IndiPR utilizes a combination of quality checks, internal scores that have been tracked for over a decade and your ratings of the articles written for you to intuitively serve your requirement.


Have more questions about, Please read IndiPR FAQ

The interesting point about is that it is built with an “Automated Influencer Targeted Engine” ( AITE ) which automatically shortlists Bloggers or Influencers based on various factors that include Internal Rankings and Ratings. The bloggers who are the members of India’s largest Blogging community are already ranked as per their activities on Indiblogger and their own Blogs. Once the business houses put their information with the same are made available to the Bloggers who can apply to work on the projects after which, the process from shortlisting – to approving the Bloggers is completely automatic. The best part, being the results and reports are completed in just 72 hours.

IndiPR has just gone live and has started off with Press releases initially, but in future they also plan to bring more creative opportunities to influencers like invitations to launch events etc.




Why you should choose a Press release for your Product launch ?


PC: compukol


  1.  Most effective way of releasing Business information : A lot many people these days  prefer to read and browse online, hence this option is considered equally effective  way of promoting the new products/services.
  2.  Low Cost Promotion : This is a much cheaper way of targeting the customers as compared to the paid advertising.
  3.  Mass Reach via Social Media : There are chances the Press releases may get viral if  they are shared by more people on Social Media.
  4. Increase Online visibility : Press releases definitely helps in increasing company’s online presence.
  5. Increase of Traffic : As such Press releases are usually released with company’s Backlinks, the website’s traffic is expected to increase.



IndiPR is also offering a Free Trial since its launch and below are the benefits:

  • All Access
  • 1x Press Release
  • Upto 5 blog posts
  • No credit card required
  • Results & reports in 72 hours
  • Back-links guaranteed

The Business ventures are requested to check out to find out anything new it has to offer.


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