An initiative to Change – “CHANGE VADODARA CAMPAIGN”

Parties, weddings or any other society gatherings, we all see huge amount of food being wasted. But how many of us put efforts to change this or at least think of helping the needy people by distributing the leftover food to them? Even at our homes we for sure face such situations where there is extra food and many just throw it away.

Prinkit Patel is a 19 year old 1st year student of engineering from Vadodara who used to be active in the social activities right from his school days. He wanted do his bit for the society, so the idea of collecting leftover food from the weddings/ parties and distributing it to the poor people struck to him that he started with the help of his few friends.

When more of his friends started joining him in those activities, the campaign was named as “Change Vadodara Campaign (CVC) 


Watering the seeds with care and love will eventually lead a lush future.

They also started slum education during weekends with a belief that kids are the creators of tomorrow. CVC has run many social campaigns till now such as Bird rescue programs during Uttarayan (Kite Flying Festival), Campaign for Pollution-Free Diwali etc. They collected food during the Chennai Floods and send it to the authorities. The team also works actively to promote “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” and conducts programs for kids like music shows, painting competitions etc.

Prinkit  & team use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp) to promote their cause and inform members about the upcoming campaigns of CVC. Currently they have started these activities in Vadodara, but with a motive to change the nation.


Their efforts bring smiles on the children’s faces.

It is because of the continuous efforts of Prinkit and his team, that CVC now has more than 300 volunteers who offer their time and support to run this Campaign. Currently including Prinkit, the total numbers of active members who conduct, plan and organise the activities are close to 15. With the help of all such people they have conducted more than 100 slum education camps till now and every Sunday some 200 students join these camps.

CVC was aslo picked up as one of the Associates of the Vadodara International Half Marathon which was recently held in the city on 7th Feb 2016.

Prinkit shows  CVC at the Vadodara Marathon Poster
Prinkit with the Kids

Message from Prinkit :

We as CVC are enlightened with a desire to bring some change in our City. We thirst to uplift uneducated part of our Community and help them fulfill their basic necessities. We also wish to give our efforts for cleanliness of ancestry monuments, Public Garden and thereby devote to the beauty of Vadodara. Inspiring youths of Vadodara and cultivating the feeling of nationalism and love for Vadodara is our sole aim, conducting Co-Curricular activities and programs along with our active campaigns will definitely proximate us towards a Change!  We are giving our efforts to change India…join us and become a part of revolution with a Mission to Change Nation!


Prinkit is definitely spreading the #with every bit he does like educating the kids, feeding the needy etc. We need more youth icons like him who can spread such awareness.

Facebook Page : Change Vadodara Campaign


This post is a part of ‘Switch For Change’, a campaign by Havells and Youth Ki Awaaz.

It’s time to proudly acknowledge the #WindsofChange!



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  1. Awesome contribution for the country’s growth and for the the poors’ welfare.

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