What is adventure to me?

“Anything that has been undertaken with some risk and the result is unknown is adventure”


Almost since a year that  I started traveling more and going on treks, outdoors camps, people started calling me adventurous.

They often come and ask me when and where is my next adventure!

But this only makes me think what is the meaning of Adventure to them. Is adventure only climbing mountains, river rafting  or Bungee Jumping ??

My idea of adventure is of course  more than what I mentioned above.

Every time I set off for a new place without a plan is an adventure for me. Meeting unknown people is an adventure, doing something new that I never did earlier and pushing myself to achieve something is also an adventure.

Ever thought what is adventure to you??

Below is how I have tried explaining my idea about an adventure.

  • Walking towards Unkown –  At times people take up journeys without knowing where they are heading. That is some real crazy adventure because they have no idea what comes up next. But that is what is adventure is all about, isn’t it?


Pic Courtesy : adventurewv.wvu.edu
  • Doing something new – Is not doing something new taking a risk. Life becomes too boring when we follow it with a schedule. Why not break the rules and bring colors to our life. I see many people around me who live a typical pattern lifestyle. To be honest, I cannot imagine living a robot life. Meet new people, do something new, try something that you never did. Isn’t it good to have your own opinion about things, rather than believing people or depending upon other sources.

           So anything new you did today? 

Pic Courtersy : blog.mec.ca


  • Pushing my Limits – You may not be very fond of your colleague or say “your Boss” at work. But still you go and do your part pretty good isn’t it? You challenge yourself to something that doesn’t interest you or excite you, to achieve something. Is not that a daily adventure ? Well I call it and also deal with it and I know many of us do.


Pic Courtesy : walkersadventuretravel.weekly.com
  • Anything with a Risk Factor – Anything where the result is unknown or everything that has a risk involved is an adventure. “Anything that gives you a goose bump can be a adventure”. So now you know there is little of adventure in our daily life. Something or other we do at work, at college, at home which falls in any one of the above criteria’s, so we all deal with adventures in our life almost daily.


Pic Courtesy : Outdoorphotographers.com

Tell me what is your idea about an adventure?


“This post is a part of #AdventureNme activity at adventuren.com.”


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  1. love your thoughts and questions…

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  2. arv! says:

    in general, people consider anything that pushes your mental limits as adventure. on the contrary anything that pushes your mental or physical limits is all adventure. BTW, for me its the pushing of physical limits…

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  3. Adventure gives you goose bumps! I like it!

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  4. Alok Singhal says:

    I would agree with you, all those factors contribute to the real adventurous activity!

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