Why I hate Selfies ??

Hey wait, Let’s take a Selfie first!!

These days any meetup is incomplete without a Selfie. Everyone, everywhere wants to click a Selfie. Forget meetups, “a Selfie” happens to be the best thing to describe your solitude.

When there is no one around to click your picture, there is a selfie to save you. Most important of all, the world should see what you are doing isn’t it?

Source : Odishatv.in

While we read so much about the deaths and accidents happening while taking selfies, have we got the message yet from these accidents? I woke up to reading this news one morning last month and thought of sharing one of my personal experiences on “Selfie”.

Source : TOI

I and my travel mate were in Mumbai to join a trek to Harihar Fort. Morning we reached Mumbai from Vadodara and had to board a local to reach Dadar. The other three guys who were with us got into the common compartment while we two girls got into the ladies. Unknown from the fact that we had to get down to the very next station which was to arrive in minutes, we got busy chatting and were standing at the door. My friend took out her mobile and started clicking selfies. I joined her and soon realized the guys who were with us just got down and the train started moving. Without thinking she jumped out of the train and I followed her.

The train had just started and was slow, but we all know how fierce the Mumbai locals are. Both us us fell on the platform with our backpacks. I was worried about my Camera as it was a new one and the first thing I did after getting up was open my Bag and checked if my Camera was okay. We hurt our knees, not much but less enough that we continued with our trek that night.

Every time I think about that incident I realize how stupid we were and had we been few more seconds late, what it could have turned out for us. In no means if I put a selfie of mine with a friend traveling in a Mumbai local on any of my social media account, I become more adventurous. But hey such a picture looks so cool isn’t it?

I am a social media savvy person myself and also allow me to call myself a Blogger. I travel to places and like telling people about it. I went to check my Picasa and phone to find out how many selfie’s I clicked, and there was not even one. I am not against selfie’s but only wanted to focus:

“If that time was right, when you just turned the front camera On on your phone”





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  1. Good post. I agree with you completely about selfies. In fact I even dislike the word ‘selfie’!!

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  2. Oh ya I’m so bored of seeing selfies all over!!!

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  3. Thank God that you were not hurt! It’d have been a very costly selfie! You accentuated your point. Selfies can indeed be dangerous, when taken without caring for our surrounding!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. polomim says:

      that is one most scary thing happened to me I believe.. Adventure or social media not at the cost of my life…that was a lesson learnt!!

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      1. Absolutely right. After all, you only live once and than post on FB can wait!

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  4. Mick Canning says:

    I’d much rather take photos of sights or other people than myself, anyway.

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    1. polomim says:

      exactly..but sadly I don’t see many people doing that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mick Canning says:

        No, I know that it is said that you travel to find yourself, but I don’t think that is what the saying means!

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