Tapovan Temple, Vadodara – Photo Gallery


Tapovan Temple is one of the most beautiful temples of the city, Vadodara. It is built by the Indian Oil Corporation and now maintained by the Reliance Petrochemical Industries.

The colorful architecture, green lush garden area will take you to the perfect blissful, serene and spiritual tour.

The temple consists of many Gods and Goddesses of Indian Culture along with Tirupati Balaji, Kartikey, Mansadevi, Satyanarayan, Navdurga, Lakshmi-narayan,  & Nav-graha (Nine planets). There is also a Meditation Hall here. The architecture is a unique one and its ceilings are designed with perfect color combinations. There is Gaushala at back side.

The temple has been very well maintained by the authorities.

Add this to the list of places to see, if you are any time planning a trip to this Cultural City of Gujarat – Vadodara.


Refinery Road,
Petrochemical Township,
Vadodara, Gujarat 391330



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