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About : Its a historical wonder and a fine example of Indo – Islamic architecture that was built in the span of just 2.5 days.

On researching more about this place I came to know that there are some more stories to why it got this name. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) says that the name of the monument possibly derives from the fact that a fair used to be held there for two and a half days. Another tradition traces the origin of the name to the fakirs who made it their temporary abode when they visited Ajmer. Some Sufi savants, on the other hand, feel the name signifies the temporary state of man’s life on earth. (Source : )

The mosque has 10 domes supported by 124 pillars. It is an architectural marvel with a seven-arched wall inscribed with verses from the Koran in front of the pillared hall. There’s a tiny Sanskrit inscription on top of the main gate that reminds you of the actual origin of this historic monument.

A perfect mixture of different religions is visible here, with the main gate having inscriptions in Sanskrit!

It has soaring domes, pillars and a beautiful arched screen.

I was once again disappointed to see that a very beautifully built monument was not very well maintained.

Where : The mosque is located in the southwest of the city Ajmer at the foot of a hill.

Andar Kot Rd, Lakhan Kothri, Ajmer, Rajasthan



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  1. Wow! That Looks so good, I can’t believe they just built it in this short time… ;D

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    1. polomim says:

      yes thats quite unbelievable


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