Welcome to the craziest gathering of Navratri – United Way of Baroda

Navratri, a nine-day festival of India, with all the nine days representing the nine manifestations of the powerful and benevolent Goddess Durga has its own charm in the Indian state, Gujarat in the form of “Garba”.

Though Garba is celebrated not only in Gujarat but all over the world by the Indians these days, but if one wants to experience the best of these 9 days, you have to see the United way of Vadodara.

Formed in the year 1987 as a non profit organization, it supports communities, local NGOs and government for sustainable improvement in quality of life of less privileged people in and around Gujarat.

 Where : United Way, Alembic City Ground, Gorwa, Vadodara, Gujarat

Registration Fees :

Boys : Rs 2550 ( for 9 days )

Girls : Rs 300 ( for 9 days Refundable )

Why United Way of Baroda will charm you:-

Pic Source : Google

1.  Atul Purohit :-

The Man of Timeless classics is a well known Garba singer who travels the world to perform for his Garba shows. Anywhere he goes througout the year, but these nine days he has to come back to Vadodara for the people of Baroda, for United way of Baroda.

2.  Huge Battalion of Garba enthusiasts :-

More than 30,000 people on an average dance to the beats of Shri Atul Purohit’s songs here each night. This year in 2015, the numbers are expected to take a major leap.

In the year 2011, on an average 1,00,000 people visited the garba ground each night which included both visitors and revellers. ( Source : TOI)

It also holds a record in the Limca book of Records as the biggest garba grounds in the world. Close to 40,000 people took part in the year 2004 to earn the record. The number of people also touches close to 50,000 peope at a time.

Pic Source : Barodian.com
Pic Source : Barodian.com

3.  Beautiful themes of Garba Ground :-

The United way of Garba ground is amazingly decorated and every year they pick up some great themes which makes the ground look even more fascinating. Year 2015 was the bells theme, when beautiful bells of different sizes were seen hanging on the Garba ground.

The managing committee ensures the look of the venue charms the visitors and works pretty well enough that the visitors are actually charmed by the amazing look of the venue.

1 3

4. Ambience, Security & Food:-

A number of Food stalls are lined up here to fill your tummy just in case you are hungry after spinning around doing Garba. Even if you are here as a visitor, don’t worry about the food, just find your favorite food from the numerous stalls that are put up here.

As the number of people keeps on increasing every year, the Security plays a major part in managing the massive crowd. No one is allowed to enter the ground without the Pass, that once receives after the registration.

In all the ground is considered to be the bests in Gujarat and also putting its mark on world map. If one has to see the true colours of Gujarat, Navratri happens to be the best time to visit and Vadodara gives the perfect “dekho” of this festival.

The Cultural city of Vadodara welcomes you to take this dazzling experience of one of the most important festival of Gujarat – Navratri !!

I know I am pretty good, like some 10 days late to put up this post, but I myself had to be at the ground each day to enjoy every bit of Navratri at probably what I feel is the best place to hop around during Navratri – United way of Baroda.

Watch the Last 3 minutes of Sanedo and Timdi Dance from the United way of Baroda – 2015

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  1. Anonymous says:

    from where i can get pass for united


  2. Ghanshyam ghadiya says:

    If possible , we do something different with navratri….like that
    Blood donate camp.


  3. arunprasadhm says:

    Beautiful pics of a grand festival.


  4. indrani says:

    Beautiful memories in these lovely pics.


    1. polomim says:

      Glad you liked them Indrani 🙂


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