Travel Photographer : Manish Lakhani : Follow your passion

“Not all those who wander are lost”

We can say this for Manish Lakhani – An adventurer, and a travel photographer.

He loves his camera, bicycle and the mountains. Manish’s love for the mountains has carried him back to Ladakh and other highlands of Himalaya many times over. He has captained many incredible expeditions in the high mountain regions, including the venerated Chadar Trek, which he has led more than half-a-dozen times during the winter months in Ladakh, which is a winter home for him since last decade.

He quit his job as Computer network engineer, and decided to follow his dream and moved on road for almost 6 months. He is an avid cyclist, who made memorable cycling expeditions in Changthang regions of Ladakh multiple times and an incredible solo bicycling trip of 12,500 kilometres in India, where he visited 22 states of India on his account. Ride took him five & half months on the road in year 2013. He has explored the corners of Ladakh in almost all seasons and an expert in leading expeditions photography trips in Himalayas who understands the location.

Below are few questions that I did ask Manish:

Me: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all..Isn’t it??
Manish: Life is life .. It’s adventure but all is about getting acclimatize 🙂

Me: You were a Computer engineer and you left your job to Travel?
Tell us more about it.
ManishYes but more precise, I wanted to cycle around India and had no leaves for 6 months at a stretch, finally set myself free from 3×3 corporate desk and did solo cycling across india and crossed 12,500 + 1500 km in raw, visited 22 states.

Me: Photographer by Choice or by chance..?
ManishPhotography I started long time back with films and later digital to document my adventures and now it’s profession.

Me: 12,500 Kilometers on cycle, should be your most cherishable achievement ?
ManishEvery moment of life is cherishable .. why only one ?

Me: Mountains should be now a “home” to you. When you are actually back, how does it feel. Do you sleep in your sleeping bags when home? 😉
ManishEvery day is a travel and the travel itself is a home.. I feel homesickness when I’m at home.

Me: Nowadays youngsters are taking up unconventional careers, finally breaking the taboo that career has to be as an Engineer, doctor or lawyer. Can we say this now ?
ManishI don’t believe in all these. Do what you love and put your 100% into that, money is not everything but it’s important too.

Me: What practise do you think should the youngsters adopt in their life to convert their passion into profession?
ManishDo what your heart says, believe in you and hard work has no option.

From Manish’s adventure Diary :


From Manish’s Photography Diary:


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  1. polomim says:

    he is one amazing adventurer and photographer


  2. Shikha04 says:

    The photographs are just amazing. Good to kn ow he finally decided to follow his dream! 🙂

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