Blog Now, Live Forever #BNLF

I put my first blog back in 2007, that time Blogging was not so popular I believe now. I started with Blogspot, but had no idea what to write or what my interests were. That was the time when people used be on Orkut all throughout the day and facebook was still establishing, not so popular.

I finished my graduation and just started working. Had I had any idea about Blogging as a career option or even as a full time passion, I would have definitely jumped on it. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, I will say now. It is going to be just six months of my writing, scribbling and sharing on the internet and I am loving it totally. The best part is when you see your efforts and passion getting recognized and appreciated.

Indiblogger just did that to me. As soon as I came to know about #BNLF event, I applied with no hopes of getting a Blogger’s pass as mine was just a few months old. It was super awesome to receive their mail one day confirming my pass and finally I received my it this morning.

So can I say this??  ” I am a Blogger now” 🙂

Check the list of Speakers here BNLF


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  1. Adnan says:

    Good Going Pols, Way to go…………..


  2. Keep writing consistently if you can, it’s a great outlet and therapeutic

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    1. polomim says:

      thank you..will try to

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  3. needeanshu says:

    Wow.. Amazing.. Way to go.. 👏👏👏

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