Canara Coffee House – The Oldest Cafe of Vadodara

Your visit to Vadodara will be incomplete if you did not go to the Canara Coffee House – known to be the city’s oldest cafe.

Where : This is located in the Old city, Dandia Bazar road, near fire brigade just on the crossroads. It has been serving some awesome vegetarian delicacies since decades, should be a good 60-70 years old now.

About: The look and feel of the cafe is very old, though well maintained and clean. Fun place to go with friends or catch up with old friends, best place to do a reunion kind of a thing in the city I think as you could actually get the “OLD IS GOLD” feeling.

If you ask the locals of Baroda, who have been frequenting here since their early days, they only talk about how this cafe has maintained its evergreen taste of the food and the ambience of the cafe.  The maharashtrain and the South Indian dishes are very famous and loved by the foodie’s. Do not miss the Poona misal, the signature dish, which is a mixture of rice flakes (powa), steamed lentils (matki dal) and yoghurt at the top, if you bump into Canara anytime you visit. Also try the south Indian dishes, the masala uthappa and the doshas are good enough to satisfy your hunger.

The price Chart will surprise you, though it has changed over the years but still it is very economical. The place is always crowded, but you will find a seat soon after little waiting. This cafe holds the # 2 place in the Trip Advisor Best restaurants to eat in Vadodara which is quite remarkable for a small cafe like this. You only know why once you visit it.

Taste: Very Good and Authentic                                                                        

Ambience : Good,Canteen-like

Value for Money : Best

Service : Very Quick

Canara Coffee House
Poona Misal
Do not miss
Poona Misal
A very Old Radio
The Cafe Within
the price Chart 🙂
Masala Uthappa
The drinks

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