Om Shanti


My mom had been going to the Brahma-Kumari centre since quite few months now. She has been trying hard to convince me to join but in vain. She knows the best that its difficult for me to listen to people and also the kind of impatient personality that I am. I keep on telling her that’s not my place, you go on.

This Sunday I was doing nothing and joined my Parents, yes dad also has followed her to the centre, to see what it is all about. I was greeted by a lady somewhat in her early 20’s “Pallaviben”  who asked me to sit and offered water. Soon she started explaining the fundamentals of life, happiness, human wants, desires, and the Superior – God.

I got curious to find out about her and why she must have dedicated herself to what they call as “Seva”. So now instead of pallaviben, I was doing the talking,  yes I bombarded her with my questions.

She was just 18 when she started visited the centre with her Mother. Within a year after she started liking the place and the activities there. Her visits increased and she started spending more of her time at the centre. Soon she started staying at the centre and was shifted to one centre from another. She told her parents that she did not want to live a normal life like getting higher studies, a job or marriage and would want to dedicate her life as a Brakma Kumari sister offering her services in enlightening the people.

Now its been 6 years of “Seva” for her, currently based at the Vadodara Centre and very much enjoys what she does here.

I was quite impressed meeting her which made me think the motive of my life. Do I really have one?

The decision at the age of 18 to leave everything behind and lead such a life is something that she is definitely laudable for.

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