6 months of “No Movies – No Shopping – No Malls”

These days when I go to work on Mondays, the most frequent question people ask me is “Where did you go over the weekend?” Now that they have been seeing me to some place or other during the weekends, the another question which they ask me is -“Where do you get so much money to go out every weekend?”  I only laugh 😀

Well, till last year, the only thing I  was doing was watching movies, eating out and Shopping. All my hard earned money that I earned, went in doing these three things.

So the three big killers of your money that kill all your travel dreams are :

Movies : Yes, a year back… me every friday after work, straight to the multiplex.

Source: Google

And you don’t go alone and also you don’t just watch a movie and come back. You eat, you drink and end up spending more by buying a popcorn, coldrink, coffee, tea etc. I went out and easily spent some 1-1.5 k on the weekends when I only when to watch the movies. Had I also had some other plans, I eventually spent more.

This year, I only watched 3 movies at a multiplex saving all the money for the trips.

How to stay away from the Movies: Watch movies at your home theater, call friends at your place, cook some food, its fun. Save your money!

Source Google

Shopping : I would rather call it Online Shopping than just Shopping. Online made things so easier that we all end up buying things we actually do no need it. You get attracted to all those emails about the wonderful discounts..Sometimes “Super Sundays” or “Wednesday vow” or “Friday Maha Sale” or whatever.

I felt proud telling people about the 30 something sandals I collected, and the crazy colorful bags that I still own.

How to stay away from Online Shopping : First thing I did was removed all the Shopping Apps from my Mobile so I never get to see those offers. I still receive the emails, but I have become strong enough to just  look and archive them 🙂

The only thing I ordered online in the last 6 months was my Nikon D3200 DSLR.

I call it #HappyRealization, Better late than never!

Source Google

Malls : When you don’t have anything to do over the weekends, you just go to the Malls. So its like Doing Nothing = At the Malls. You call some of your friends, go to the gaming zones, eat at those Food Courts, click some selfies, post on your social sites and what a great day you had, not realizing how much money you spend on those. Just keep tracking for a month, you can actually and come back from a Himalayan trip with those. Don’t trust me??

Read about my Himalayan Trip that I covered in less than 12K Indian rupees which was a 10 day trekking expedition in Himachal Pradesh   Himalayan Trek – Chandekhani Pass

How to stay away from Malls: If you have nothing to do over the weekends, try finding out a new place near to you and explore it. Go the see the temples, the Heritages, the Forts or anything that arouses your interests. Get associated with some Organizations or groups of your interest and be with the people who inspire you. This changes your life to a certain bit, It has does mine for sure 🙂

Take a look at the States and Cities I travelled outside my home State Gujarat by not doing above things:

  1. Jammu & Kashimir – Nathatop, Vaishno devi
  2. Punjab – Amritsar, Chandigarh
  3. Himachal Pradesh – Kullu, Dharamshala,
  4. Maharashtra – Mumbai 
  5. Goa 

Some Treks that I did :

Himalayan Expedition – Chanderkhani pass


Dudhsagar Railtrek

Also I keep on exploring places as one day trips over the weekends which you may get to read on my Blog.

Happy Wandering!!

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