Trip to Sun Temple, Modhera

The Sun Temple at Modhera is one of the must to see Heritage sites of Gujarat. The Temple is dedicated to the Sun God, the Surya Bhagwan and very well known for its architecture, looks grand alongside the river pushpavati.

Plan your Trip:

Modhera : Modhera is a village in the Mehsana district of Gujarat and very well known for the Sun temple. It is well connected to the various cities of Gujarat and the nearest railway station is Mehsana.

Distance from: Mehsana – 26 kms, Ahmedabad-101 kms, Vadodara – 208 kms

It is best to reach here as early in the morning as possible. The morning view of the temple should leave you awestruck. I reached here with my family on a busy Sunday close to 11:30 am and was expecting to see a big crowd, but was lucky as there were not much people to what I expected. The temple is 20 minutes drive from Mehsana. There is a Toran cafeteria outside the temple where you could get some snacks and cold drinks. If you plan to stay long there, better carry your snacks with you as the food options is very few. The garden area is large where you can sit and relax with your family or friends. There is also a small archaeology museum which you should visit.

I would recommend to hire a guide who will explain you about the history of the temple and tells you about the Ramakund which has 108 small temples dedicated to various gods, the Sabha-mandap and the stories behind the 52 pillars in the temple. The guide we hired narrated us in detail and charged us some mere 150/-  Indian rupees.

The complete visit of the temple will definitely take you back to the golden ages of Gujarat. Make sure to spend some time in the tranquility of the temple away from the daily hussles of life.



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