Why RAJMATA is my favourite character : BAHUBALI – The Beginning

From watching two movies in 6 months – to watching this epic movie twice in 6 days – is not a reason why I should call this an epic movie, its because its actually a “EPIC” movie. If you have not got time yet, watch it for the brilliant show by Prabhas, Rana, Ramya Krishna etc, the amazing visual effects and the gripping story line.

For all those who watched it already let me ask you : Which Dialogue could you think of after coming out of the multiplex watching Bahubali??

I could think of this one “ye mera vachan hai or mera vachan hee shaasan hai“.

There’s no doubt Bahubali’s epic and charismatic character, played by Prabhas makes us become his true fans. Bhalaldev played by “Rana” is again very strongly depicted and has a good hold in the movie. But if I have to pick my favourite character from the movie, I will go for “Rajmata – Sivagami” played by Ramya Krishnan as she has very powerfully portrayed the essence of “motherhood” earning her good credits along with the two giants “Prabhas” & “Rana”.

The movie begins with Rajmata’s breathtaking efforts to save the little prince, which we later come to know she did not give birth to, and goes on to sacrifice her life.

The scene when she walks into the darbar, gives an idea how powerful and gripping this character is going to be and yes it comes out exactly.

Source Uncut India
Pic Source Uncut India

The scene from the Darbar, after a fight when she sits feeding the two kids, also showing blood spots on her face. The scene potrays three different qualities that a woman can possess; A fighter, A mother and A leader. Combination of all these becomes a epic character like “Rajmata”

Another turnaround in the movie is when she declares Bahubali as the King of Maheshmati  ahead of her own Son Bhallala dev even though he killed Kalakeya, describing the true Rajmata that she is. Of all the faces of “Rajmata” that we see on the screen, the one of the Mother is the most commendable.

That epic scene when she walks in the water, completely drowned inside and carrying the prince with her hand, completely shook me off and gave me goosebumps.

A Shout-out for all the Mothers!!!

It is truely said :

Of all the rights of a woman, the greatest is to be a mother – Lin Yutang

Mamathala thalli, Odi baahubali; Laalana theli, Shathadhavarali

Link to the official Video Song -Mamathala Thalli – Telugu Song-

Source Youtube

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